Pre-Purchase Electrical Evaluation

Pre-Purchase Electrical Evaluation

Know about potential electrical expenses or hazards before making the decision to purchase a house or building. Knowledge is an invaluable tool for evaluating the pros and cons of moving forward with buying a property. Trust a Master Electrician with 26 years of experience in the industry to conduct a thorough evaluation... and then make an educated decision knowing the facts.

What you will receive with your Pre-Purchase Electrical Evaluation:

Approved Electrical Evaluation   A comprehensive report outlining the state of the current wiring

Approved Electrical Evaluation   What is required to repair issues or bring the wiring up to today's Electrical Code

Approved Electrical Evaluation   Prioritized list outlining issues requiring attention immediately or in the future

Approved Electrical Evaluation   Possible electrical expenses that could be incurred with owning the property

Things to know:

Approved Electrical Arrow   Is there aluminum wiring with potential buried junction boxes presenting a risk of fire?

Approved Electrical Arrow   Does the home or building have active knob and tube wiring?

Approved Electrical Arrow   Is the electrical panel/service adequate for the building?

Approved Electrical Arrow   Have pools, hot tubs or ponds been wired properly?

Approved Electrical Arrow   Are the breakers the proper size for the load?

Approved Electrical Arrow   Have basement renovations been done to code?

Approved Electrical Arrow   Are kitchen/bathroom remodels done to code?

Approved Electrical Arrow   Are there working Smoke detectors on every level of the home?

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